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How to Build a Pull-Behind Tank Sprayer

By Jan Benschop ; Updated September 21, 2017
Pulling a tank sprayer on wheels makes your job easier.
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Lugging a heavy tank sprayer around your garden, especially when it is full, can pull a muscle and wear you out. Building a custom rolling rig for one tank is an option, but using a ready-made combination of tools and straps to allow use with more than one tank is better. This allows you to keep different chemicals in different tanks while using the same wheels interchangeably. Keeping the center of gravity low transfers the weight to the wheels, allowing use of much larger tanks and a choice of hand pumps or electric pump systems.

Measure the cargo lip area at the bottom of the hand truck with a yard stick.

Cut a rectangle the size of the cargo lip out of the rubber anti-slip mat, using scissors.

Spray contact cement on one side of the rubber mat and on the cargo lip. Allow to dry until both surfaces are tacky. Carefully lay the mat down on the lip in a rolling motion, starting with one edge. You will not be able to shift the mat once it makes contact, but you will be able to pull it up to start over if you do it quickly.

Set the tank down on the lip, snug against the upright part of the hand truck.

Hook one load strap around the uprights and over the top of the tank, but just under the filler cap, and tighten it with the ratchet. Trim off excess strap with scissors. Repeat with a second strap at the bottom of the tank. Fill the tank and test it.


Things You Will Need

  • Yard stick
  • Steel hand truck
  • Rubber anti-slip mat for throw rugs
  • Scissors
  • Spray contact cement
  • Horizontal or cylinder tank with sprayer
  • Ratcheting cargo straps with end hooks

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