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How to Find the Serial Number on an Older Troy-Bilt Rototiller

By Mary Lougee ; Updated September 21, 2017

Troy-Bilt rototillers have a serial number tag that is metal and about 2-inches wide by 3-inches long. The older models do not have an actual model number but only a name to distinguish the size. Early production models include the Horse, Pony and Junior. You must find the location of the serial number tag to order parts that will fit your particular rototiller for seamless replacement of parts.

Park the tiller, turn it off and let it cool completely.

Spray degreaser on a shop towel and wipe the serial number plate on a Horse model on the right side of the transmission case below the T-bar. This will be on the right side of the tiller as you are standing behind it on the flat surface where the handlebars attach to the tiller.

Clean the area on the top of the transmission tube with degreaser on a shop towel for a Pony or Junior model tiller. The serial number plate is on the top of the transmission fluid filler tube directly in front of the curved metal hood that houses the blades.

Clean the serial number plate at the base of the handlebar on models from 1990 to 2001 to read it clearly.

Write the serial number down on a piece of paper with a pencil to order parts from a Troy-Bilt dealer.


Things You Will Need

  • Shop towel
  • Degreaser
  • Pencil and paper


  • If you cannot read the serial number after cleaning it with a degreaser, place a sheet of paper over the tag and shade the area with a pencil to transfer the numbers onto the paper.

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