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How to Fix a Leaning Barn

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A leaning barn is a sign of serious foundation erosion. Over time if water is affecting the foundation the soil will erode and cause the foundation to sink. Once the foundation has started to sink, it will cause the entire barn to lean towards the sinking hole. Depending on how serious the situation is, it usually can be fixed. While the process can be complicated for most individuals and should be done by a contractor, you can do it yourself. If you follow the right instructions with the proper equipment you will be able to fix your leaning bar yourself.

Step 1

Contact a structural engineer and have her evaluate the barn. Ask the structural engineer to give you plans on how to fix the issue. Only a licensed structural engineer can give you a certified plan that you can follow to ensure you can safely raise the barn. Do not attempt to raise the barn without a plan or you risk causing the barn to collapse.

Step 2

Dig around the foundation with a backhoe in the areas where the structural plans says to put the house jack in. Dig at least 4 feet deep and 4 feet wide. Use the shovel if you must remove dirt that is underneath the foundation and you can not remove it with the backhoe.

Step 3

Place the house jack in the area where the engineer indicated on the plan. In most cases you will need to put in at least two house jacks. Lift the house jack until the barn has been lifted to the indicated height on the plans.

Step 4

Place the piers onto the ground as indicated on the plans. Use the sledge hammer to hammer the pier into place.

Step 5

Place the concrete cap over the the foundation pier.

Step 6

Lower the house jacks and remove them. Cover the foundation and the holes with dirt again. Your barn has now been raised successfully and should not sink again in the same area.

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