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How to Kill Moths' Eggs in Clothes

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Female moths lay approximately 50 eggs during their lifetimes. Moths secrete an adhesive that attaches their eggs to fabrics, including those in your closet. Once the eggs hatch, the larvae stage starts. This is the most damaging life stage of a moth, because this is when it feeds on your clothes. To avoid a ruined wardrobe, eradicate the eggs as soon as you're aware of them.

Step 1

Shake out and brush clothing that you suspect has moth eggs on it. Vigorously shaking and brushing dislodges attached eggs. Vacuum the floor to eliminate eggs that Have fallen from the clothing. Vacuuming kills all life stages of the moth. Tie up and discard the vacuum cleaner bag in an outdoor trashcan. Shake out and brush your clothing outdoors as an alternative that doesn't require vacuuming.

Step 2

Launder your clothes to destroy moth eggs attached to them. Wash your clothes in hot water for approximately 30 minutes. Use water that has a minimum temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. None of the life stages of the moth can withstand the hot water. Have the dry cleaner launder clothes that can't be washed in hot water.

Step 3

Fumigate the infested piece of clothing. Wear thick gardening gloves to protect your hands. Place a 1/2 lb. of dry ice in a thick plastic bag. Add the piece of clothing to the bag and tie it loosely so air can escape and the bag doesn't burst. Seal the bag completely once all the dry ice has vaporized. Wait four days before opening the bag to be sure that all moths and their eggs have been killed.

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