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How to Remove the Tie Rod on a John Deere Tractor

Tractors are a heavy piece of machinery that are put through rough conditions. The rear tractor wheels are large and very stable and meant for torque and power. The front wheels on a tractor are forced to move often and put a lot of pressure on the front axle, wheels and tie rods. The tie rods are a link between the steering mechanism and the wheels. Maintenance needs to be done often on tie rods and it is fairly easy to remove them off your John Deere tractor yourself with the proper tools and techniques.

Jack up the side of the front axle that needs a tie rod removed.

Place a jack stand under that axle.

Read the John Deere tractor owner's manual to identify the location of the tie rod. The tie rods are the link between the steering mechanism and the wheels and is located directly behind the front axle. Unscrew the four nuts holding the tie rod to the steering connector and the wheel connector.

Place the pickle fork between the tractor frame and the tie rod. Hammer the wedge shaped pickle fork in until it pops the tie rod loose.

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