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Hayward Power-Flo Matrix Pump Troubleshooting

By Amy Rodriguez ; Updated September 21, 2017
Pool pumps help to move the water through a filtration system.

Aboveground swimming pools offer recreation and exercise for family and friends. Pools require consistent water maintenance, including the use of a water pump such as the Hayward PowerFlo Matrix. A few key troubleshooting tips can help a faulty pump.


A swimming pool water pump pulls water into a filtration system. Debris is removed from the water through the pump's strainer. After the water passes through the filtration system, it returns to the pool.


Many problems with the Hayward PowerFlo Matrix pump can be solved by unclogging its assembly. Check the strainer and suction lines for obstructions. Verify that the pump's motor shaft has ample room for movement.


The motor's shaft seals become worn over time, causing friction or complete seizing of the shaft. A homeowner can easily replace the seals with Hayward's original spare parts. For a through do-it-yourself overhaul, Hayward recommends cleaning and lubricating the internal pump parts when replacing the seals.


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