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Home Wasp Repellent

By Kay Wagers ; Updated September 21, 2017
Home Wasp Repellent

Anyone who has been stung by a wasp understands cringing at the sight of one. To protect your family and your home, make your own wasp repellent with ingredients from your kitchen.


Create homemade wasp repellent by chopping three garlic bulbs. Place them in 2 cups of white vinegar overnight, then strain the vinegar into a spray bottle and add an equal amount of water to it. For added repellent power, add a few drops of citrus oil to the spray bottle.


The odor of this repellent is quite strong when first applied. It works best when sprayed around the exterior of your home or near outdoor areas like the grill or a picnic table where you do not wish to encounter wasps. Do not spray the solution on your pets; it is not harmful, but they will not like it.


If you need a solution that will both repel wasps and kill any that come too near, add a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid to the mixture. This makes the repellent spray deadly. Dish soap penetrates the soft body of a wasp and poisons it.