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How Much Water Does a Maple Tree Need?

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Giving a maple tree the proper amount of water is one important way gardeners are able to help keep the tree healthy. Maple trees have different water needs throughout their lives.

Young Maples

Young maple trees require more frequent watering and in larger amounts because they are growing more quickly and using resources more rapidly. Saplings and immature maples may need up to 3 inches of water or more weekly.

Mature Trees

Mature maple trees need less frequent watering, as they are established and have extensive root systems that can capture water efficiently. About 1-1/2 inches of water weekly can sustain mature maples.

Seasonal Watering

Seasonal watering is an important factor of maple tree care. Maples may require more frequent, intense watering during hot, dry summers. Damp, cool summers allow a gardener to water only once a month. Base water amounts on the appearance of the tree and rainfall.

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