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Pounds Per Acre Planting Recommendations for Sweet Corn

By Nancy Wagner ; Updated September 21, 2017
Super-sweet corn comes as smaller seeds than regular sweet corn.
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The seeds of the different types of sweet corn vary in size, making the pounds planted different for each variety. Spacing also plays a role in how much seed you’ll need to plant on each acre.


Regular sweet corn, also known as su sweet corn, comes in several hundred different varieties, with about 150 seeds per pound. Super-sweet corn, referred to as sh2, contains more sugar than all the other sweet corn varieties, making the seeds more crinkled and smaller, with a higher seed count per pound.


Rows of sweet corn should be kept 30 to 42 inches apart. The plants can be placed 8 to 10 inches from one another. An acre planted in this way produces about 17,000 plants, according to the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service.


For an acre of a regular sweet corn planted as mentioned above, you will need 9 to 10 pounds of seed per acre. For super-sweet corn patches, you’ll only need 5 to 6 pounds of seed per acre.


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