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What Is the Correct pH Level for a Peach Tree?

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Peach trees need a variety of factors to be just right to accomplish optimum growth and fruit production. One important consideration is pH, which measures the acidity or alkalinity of soil.

pH Levels

A pH lower than 6.6 is acidic, while soil with a pH higher than 7.3 is alkaline. The range in-between is neutral. Peach trees thrive in soil that is neutral to slightly acidic, with an ideal pH of about 6.5.

Altering pH

Many areas where peaches are grown have acidic soils, which can be amended by adding lime. This raises pH by neutralizing the acid. If your soil is too alkaline, lower the pH by applying elemental sulfur or nitrogen fertilizer.

Other Considerations

Peach trees need full sunlight exposure and moist but well-drained soil. Peach trees are extremely sensitive to poorly drained soils, which can cause the roots to suffocate. The best soils are deep, sandy loam or sandy, clay loam.

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