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Bore Worms on Trees

Bore worms, also referred to as borers, are serious tree pests. Borers are the adults and larvae stage of many insects that tunnel into tree wood and bark, creating sawdust and sap-filled cavities. Extensive borer infestation weakens trees, often killing them.

Bark Beetles

Bark beetles are cylindrical, small and brown to black with cream-colored, legless larvae. The insects tunnel under tree bark leaving a white to red dust at the points of entrance. Sap is often flowing from these holes.

Flat Headed Borers

Flat headed borers are flat, bullet-shaped beetles with hard bodies and metallic colors. The cream-colored larvae are legless with a flat body area behind the head. Flat headed borers create flat tunnels in cross-sectional areas in infested trees.

Clearwing Borers

Clearwing borers are the larvae of clearwing moths that look very much like wasps. The larvae bore into trees underneath the bark, leaving waste and sap secreting from the entrance sites.

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