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Above-Ground Pool Regulations for West Virginia

By Daniel Sanz

When planning an above-ground pool in West Virginia, it is important to follow state and federal regulations. Most pool laws in West Virginia revolve around child safety in order to prevent tragic accidents from occurring.


Above-ground pools require gas or power lines to heat and filter the water and must not conflict with existing lines. Rock or other hard surfaces will damage the pool's lining, so it must be installed on soil. Remove the sod to avoid any vegetation growth that could puncture the lining.

Drain Covers

West Virgina pool owners must follow the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act, a federal law signed Dec. 19, 2007 after a young girl drowned while pinned underwater due to drain suction. It requires drain covers that allow drain flow even when obstructed.

Safety Regulations

The West Virginia Child Fatality Review Team has compiled a list of safety measures regarding above-ground pools. These help prevent child deaths by requiring safety fences with lockable gates, securable pool ladders and alarms that signal a child entering the pool unsupervised.


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