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Information About Huskee Brand Tillers

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Tilling a garden loosens the soil, which encourages root penetration and water retention and also spreads nutrients. While hand tillers do the trick for small plots, automatic push-behind tillers cater to tougher jobs. Among its lineup of mowers, log splitters and snow throwers, Huskee has two tillers -- the light-duty Mini-Cultivator and the heavy-duty Front-Tine Compact Rototiller model -- as of 2014.

Compact Cultivation

As its name implies, Huskee's Mini-Cultivator -- model MC43TSC -- caters to compact gardens and lawns. This tiller focuses on ease of operation and only tills to a depth of 4 inches, covering widths of 6 to 10 inches. A two-cycle, 43 cc gas engine powers the Mini-Cultivator, which holds 0.28 gallon fuel. This push-behind tiller rolls on 7 1/2-inch tires and clocks in at 30.5 pounds.

Mini Features

The Mini-Cultivator features an adjustable cultivating depth and variable speed, clutch and throttle controls. Huskee offers optional attachments for the Mini-Cultivator, including dethatching and edging accessories. Model number MC4ETSC has all of the same features as the standard Mini-Cultivator, but includes an electric starter, which replaces the pull-to-start handle with an on-off switch.

All About Roto

Weighing in at 90 pounds, the Huskee Front-Tine Compact Rototiller is a bit more difficult to maneuver than the Mini-Cultivator, but it works for larger spaces and denser soil with a tilling depth of 11 inches and a tilling width of up to 21 inches. It has a more powerful four-cycle gas engine that puts out 3.32 foot-pounds of torque. Additionally, it has larger, 8-inch tires and larger fuel tank, which holds 0.53 gallons.

Roto Features

Although the front-tine model, number 26750TSC, is heavier than the Mini-Cultivator, Huskee notes that its low center of gravity helps offset its weight. Additionally, this model's removable outer tine shells help it squeeze into tight spaces while its three-position adjustable height caters to users of different sizes. This tiller's drag-stake depth control encourages tight turning.

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