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Why Does My Above Ground Pool Have Divots in the Bottom?

By Rachel Murdock

Above-ground pools may seem easier to care for than inground pools, but they can be just as challenging to maintain. One of the problems found in above-ground pools is divots on the floor of the pool under the liner.


Divots do not seem important, and may not affect the functionality of a pool, so a pool owner may be tempted to overlook them. However, divots can lead to cracking and tearing in the liner, causing water to leak and erode the pool bottom. Divots may require liner replacement.


One cause of divots is bugs or rodents. Ants, moles and other burrowing animals damage the sand bottom of an inground pool by building tunnels in it. As the weight of the liner collapses the tunnels, divots appear. Other causes include erosion from improper draining around the pool, roots, rocks and heavy objects falling into the pool.

Prevention and Solution

Use a good bug killer around the base of the pool to prevent insect damage. If mole or rodent traps are allowed, use these to prevent rodents from burrowing. If the liner has to be replaced, insist on careful bottom preparation, including smoothing and compacting sand and using a cushioning liner such as a Gorilla pad over the sand.


About the Author


Rachel Murdock published her first article in "The Asheville Citizen Times" in 1982. Her work has been published in the "American Fork Citizen" and "Cincinnati Enquirer" as well as on corporate websites and in other online publications. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in journalism at Brigham Young University and a Master of Arts in mass communication at Miami University of Ohio.