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Size of a Brown Select Satsuma Tree

By Henri Bauholz
Satsuma is a name that is associated with tangerines.

The Brown Select is a variety of the Satsuma tangerine, a commercially grown fruit that is easy to peel and has a sweet, juicy taste. The tree is a vigorous grower that forms a dark green, full-bodied canopy. For a citrus tree, the Brown Select is medium to large in size.

Overall Size

The Brown Select Satsuma tangerine is an evergreen tree that bears fragrant, white flowers that attract birds and butterflies. At maturity, the tree will attain a height of 10 to 20 feet and also reach a width of similar proportions. Since this variety is also a vigorous grower and fruit producer, it often requires fertilizer, especially on poorer soils.


The Satsuma tree originated in China over 2,000 years ago. From China, the tree was taken to Japan by monks, where it was widely planted for its popular fruit. In 1870 the Satsuma arrived in the U.S., as seeds that were mailed home by a minister's wife living in Japan. The Brown Select variety of the Satsuma tangerine was recently developed at Louisiana State University AgCenter.

The Fruit

The Brown Select is a hardy variety of the Satsuma tangerine that can tolerate lower temperatures than most citrus trees, though not for an extended period of time. The large, prolific tree needs full sunlight, can grow well in a variety of soils, and is drought resistant. The fruit is large, juicy and contains some seeds.


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