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Plant Project for 1st Grade Science

By Daniella Lauren ; Updated September 21, 2017
Teach students about plants by bringing in real-life examples.

First graders enjoy learning about life around them, including how plants grow. Enhance student understanding of how plants grow by introducing projects and activities to the classroom.


Help first graders understand that plants are alive because they breathe, eat and grow. Demonstrate that plants are alive by recording the growth in small houseplants.


Expose students to a variety of ideas about plants, such as planting a bean in soil to demonstrate the different stage of life in the plant, or placing carnations into colored water to demonstrate how plants suck up the water through the stem.


Demonstrate the different parts of a plant with different produce. Show how a carrot is the root of the plant, how celery is the stem of the plant, lettuce is the leaf of a plant, oranges are the fruit of the plant and how apples contain seeds.


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