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What Is the Difference Between a Brick & a Paver?

Brick pavers and concrete pavers are products you can use for a landscaping project. According to Masonry Magazine, brick has a long history as a natural construction material. Concrete pavers are a much more recent product.


The natural color in brick does not fade. A wide selection of colors is available, ranging from gray to red. Molding and tumbling bricks during manufacture can add textural interest. Brick requires little maintenance other than occasional washing, but it may be more vulnerable to damage by vehicles, according to Stonehenge Brick Paving & Landscaping.


Concrete pavers can be dyed, but the color will fade or even change dramatically over time if the concrete is not sealed from time to time, according to Masonry Magazine. Otherwise, removal or replacement of the pavers may be necessary.

Cost Considerations

In general, brick pavers cost about 15 percent more than concrete pavers, according to Stonehenge Brick Paving & Landscaping. But over time, the maintenance costs of concrete can be significant.

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