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How Much Time Does it Take for Corn Seed to Harvest?

By Kristen May ; Updated September 21, 2017

Although most people think of corn as a crop grown on large fields in rural areas, it can grow in a backyard garden as well. The time it takes corn to grow from seed to harvest depends mostly on the variety of corn planted.

Early Corn

Most varieties of early season corn take 67 to 72 days to harvest, with the typical maturity time listed on the seed packet. One variety, called Earlivee, can be ready to pick as soon as 58 days after planting.

Main Season

Most types of main-season corn can be harvested 78 to 83 days after planting, according to the University of Illinois Extension. Some late varieties of corn might take as long as 90 to 100 days to mature.


The exact time corn takes from seed to harvest can vary from the number of days listed on the type of corn seed because of conditions such as weather, location and soil type. Corn should not be harvested until the juice in the kernels looks milky when the kernel is punctured.