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Information on Magnolia Trees in Florida

magnolia image by Annett Goebel from

The magnolia trees that grow native to Florida are attractive species, often used for ornamental functions. The Florida magnolias feature vibrant foliage, flowers and fruit, making them excellent choices as specimen plants, shade trees, buffers and screens.


Certain Florida magnolias have very small geographic ranges, such as the Ashe magnolia, a tree that occurs only in the upland bluffs of northwest Florida. Others, such as the southern magnolia, grow throughout the state's northern half. The yellow poplar, a type of magnolia, grows in the woodlands of the northern third of Florida.


The leaves and the flowers of Florida's magnolias are large. The leaves of the pyramid magnolia, for example, are as long as 9 inches, while those of the southern magnolia grow to lengths of 8 inches. The showy flowers of the Ashe magnolia can achieve diameters approaching 1 foot.


Some of the Florida magnolias are evergreen species, retaining their leaves through the wintertime. One such type is the southern magnolia, while another is the sweetbay magnolia. Others, such as the Ashe magnolia, shed their large leaves in autumn, creating a messy scenario under the tree.

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