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Ornamental Cedar Trees

By Ushe Tahb ; Updated September 21, 2017
A healthy cedar tree

Cedar trees are an ornamental evergreen with a wonderful aroma that provide incredible variety and color to a fall and winter garden. Ornamental cedar trees, once established are hardy plants that grow in United States Department of Agriculture growing zones 6 to 9.

Sun, Soil and Exposure

In order to thrive, ornamental cedar trees require full sun, and will take longer to establish a root system and grow in partial shade. Cedar trees prefer moist and well-drained soil, but can tolerate clay-like and sandy soils. The only thing to consider when planting ornamental cedar trees is to keep them out of the wind.

Planting Requirements

To help a young cedar tree establish its ornamental presence in your landscape, place it in a hole about six to eight inches deep, taking care not to disturb the cedar tree's root system. When filling the hole, compact the soil on top of the plant, and thoroughly soak with water. Help you ornamental cedar tree establish its roots by regularly watering it in the first growing season.


To produce an ornamental, landscaped look with cedar trees, plant them at least five feet apart from each other to prevent the cedar trees' roots from getting in each other's space. Be sure to plant ornamental cedar trees a minimum of three feet away from a water souce like a pond or river, to prevent overwatering.


The ornamental leaves and bark of cedar trees are very tempting to wildlife like deer and rabbits, so protect the ornamental look of your young cedar tree from harm by surrounding it with chicken wire until it is big enough to fend for itself.


Pruning a cedar tree can reduce it's naturally ornamental shape, but if your cedar tree is too large to be attractive, prune it in the spring (before new growth) so it does not significantly diminish the ornamental quality of this evergreen.


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