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Is Camellia an Evergreen?

By Marie Greene ; Updated September 21, 2017

There are many varieties of camellias, though the common, or japonica, variety is most prevalent in the United States. These plants are native to China, and are extremely popular throughout the southern United States.


Camellias are evergreens, with dark green leaves that are glossy and dense. They are a shrub and commonly used as hedges. They can grow anywhere from 4 to 12 feet tall.


Aside for being prized for their abundant foliage, camellias are popular because of their late bloom. Typically, camellias flower in the late winter and early spring. The flowers are usually a rich pink, red or white and are a great addition to a winter garden.


Camellias are a hardy plant that thrives best in hardiness zones 6B through 9B.

Watering and Care

Camellias have average water needs and are relatively easy to care for.


While these plants generally prefer partial shade, camellias prefer direct light in the colder months.


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