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Spider Mites on Evergreen Trees

By Andrew Cohen ; Updated September 21, 2017

Spider mites can infest a variety of different plants and trees. A spider mite infestation can be devastating and evergreen trees are very susceptible to spider mites.


Spider mites can be red, brown, yellow or green. They are extremely difficult to see without the aid of microscope.

Evergreen Tree

The evergreen tree hosts many types of spider mites. When an evergreen tree goes through an infestation the needles will become discolored and die prematurely.

Spruce Spider Mite

The spruce spider mite is the most common type of mite that infests evergreen trees. These mites can cause severe damage and prefer the shade of evergreen trees.


Spider mites do damage to evergreen trees by bruising the cells of the tree and also by ingesting the evergreen tree's sap.


Spider mites prefer the evergreen tree's shade and dryness. An infestation can be avoided by regular and routine waterings. This will help make the tree less desirable to the spider mite and also prevent webbing.


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