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What Is the Meaning of Green Roses?

By Mary Lovee Varni ; Updated September 21, 2017
Like the color, the green rose signifies life, luck and growth.

Although universally linked with love, each rose color also has its own distinct symbolism and tradition. The green rose---a rare type of this favorite flower---has both positive and negative connotations.


Known as the rosa chinensis viridiflora, "it was introduced into popular culture in 1856 by a British firm, Bembridge and Harrison," according to RDrop.com. Modern variations include the Chartreuse, Lime Sublime, Jade and Green Ice roses.

Life and Luck

Green roses bring many encouraging messages including abundance, bounty, cheerfulness, energy, fertility, growth, luck, plenty, rejuvenation and renewal.

Psychological Benefits

According to MeaningofRoses.com, psychologists also associate the color green with serenity and stability.

Negative Meaning

Because of the infamous "green-eyed monster" description, this flower can also convey envy and jealousy.

Famous Ties

The Green Rose was the name of a 2005 Korean TV drama launched by Australia's SBS television network.


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