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What Is the Meaning of Light Pink Roses?

By Elizabeth Genge ; Updated September 21, 2017
A pink rose has a great deal of meaning.

More than any other rose, the light or pale pink variety holds a great deal of meaning. It symbolizes anything from great loss to pure romance. Where yellow roses stand for friendship and red roses indicate passion, the light pink rose just utterly transcends these emotions.


Although many other colors of roses signify certain levels of passion, love and romance, the light pink rose holds the most dominance among these flowers for signifying those particular emotions, as well as gentility and grace.


The function of light pink roses is generally to celebrate romantic days of the year. Valentine's Day and Sweetheart's Day are two such dates. Pale or light pink send messages of graceful joy and gentility as well as a whimsical sense of fun.

Famous Ties

There are two particular types of light pink or pale roses that are named for artist Leonardo da Vinci, as well as one for the storybook character of Cinderella.

Expert Insight

In the field of dream analysis, analysts believe that dreams featuring pale or light pink roses indicate immense feelings of love or femininity as a primary focus.


Light pink roses, among other shades, did not become cultivated for public usage until right before the beginning of the 19th century. The idea for rose cultivation came to Europe from China. Many modern-day roses can find their historical roots during this period.


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