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Parts of a Carnation Flower

Carnations come in a variety of colors, including red, green, purple, white and yellow. Due to their popularity, these flowers have come to represent love, distinction, admiration, purity and luck. The parts of the carnation are easy to understand.

Sepal and Calyx

Sepals are the outer leaves surrounding the base of the flower. The sepals make up the calyx of the carnation flower.

Petals and Corolla

The carnation's soft and thin petals make up the corolla, commonly known as the blossom of the flower.


The stamen contains the pollen necessary for carnation reproduction. It is considered to be the male part of the blossom.


The carpel, located in the blossom, contains the female parts of the flower: ovary, ovules and gametes.


Pollinating insects must spread pollen between the stamen and carpel for the carnation to create seeds in its flower.

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