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What Does FTD Stand for in the Flower Business?

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Over the past 99 years, the public has become familiar with the letters "FTD" being attached to the flowers they send or receive, but few know what the acronym means.


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Since 1965, the "FTD" in the term "FTD Florist" has stood for Florists' Transworld Delivery.


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In August of 1910, FTD started as a non-profit cooperation between 15 florists who agreed to exchange their out of town orders through the telegraph. The original name of the company was Florists' Telegraph Company or FTD. In 1914, the company chose the Roman messenger god, Mercury, as their logo to symbolize the speed of the FTD service.


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There are approximately 16,000 FTD retail florists in the United States and Canada. Worldwide, FTD has a network of approximately 45,000 florists in 154 countries.


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FTD processes approximately 12 million flower orders per year.

Fun Fact

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According to a 1974 article in Nation's Business, the FBI would check FTD's records whenever a suspected "mobster" died to see who was sending flowers to the funeral service or family.

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