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Is Spruce Wood Good for a Wood-Burning Stove?

By Crystal Bench

Burning Spruce

Spruce is easy to split, and catches fire easily. Spruce is a softwood, which means it seasons more quickly than hardwoods.

Avoiding Spruce

Spruce does not produce high amounts of heat, but does produce a number of sparks, which is a safety concern. Spruce contains large amounts of sap, which can get on your skin and clothes, and is difficult to clean up.

Bottom Line

Overall, spruce is a poor choice for firewood, due to the low heat output.


About the Author


Crystal Bench is a senior studying applied mathematics at Brigham Young University, Idaho. Along with her Bachelor of Arts, she has clusters in French, 3-D art, and physical science. Bench is also an avid writer, with work ranging from short stories to nonfiction pieces of many kinds, and even a few forays into poetry.