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Weigela is a shrub that needs to be fertilized.
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How to Fertilize Weigela

Weigela is a deciduous shrub that does not cause allergies. You can identify a weigela by its trumpet shaped flowers. These flowers can be various shades of pink and red. If you own a weigela, fertilize it properly to keep it healthy. Dayton Nurseries recommends the following fertilization schedule: April 1, May 20, July 4, Aug.15 and Oct. 30.

Pick a slow-release granular fertilizer that is made for trees and shrubs. According to the University of Virginia, a water-soluble fertilizer can burn the roots of a shrub, so a slow-release fertilizer is best. A good fertilizer to use is one that reads 16-4-8 on the product label.

Read the safety precautions on your fertilizer product label and follow them. This may include wearing a mask and a pair of gardening gloves. Boots and long clothing may also be recommended. Keep in mind that the fertilizer is a chemical that could cause problems if it comes into contact with your skin.

Spread the granular fertilizer around the drip line of your weigela. Do this at the rate specified on your product label. Spread the granules evenly.

Water the soil around your weigela to help the fertilizer seep into the soil where the roots can reach it. If it is going to rain, skip this step.

Are the Leaves of the Variegated Weigela Plant Poisonous to Animals?

Variegated Weigela is on the "safe plants" list. This means it is not poisonous or toxic to animals.

How to Prune Wine & Rose Weigela

Remove any dead or damaged stems by cutting them back to the main branch.

Trim off any stems that cross over others.

Cut off any shoots thinner than the majority of the others. If a shoot appears thin and weak, cut it back to its point of origin.

Prune the entire \"Wine & Roses\" shrub back by one-third after the blooming period. This will encourage the plant to produce new growth and may also cause a second bloom this season.

Rake the planting area free of leaves, branches and other garden detritus after pruning and water the \"Wine & Roses\" weigela until the water puddles.

When to Prune Weigela Shrubs

Prune weigela shrubs when their foliage looks ragged and damaged. Cut back dying flowers to encourage new blooms.

How to Plant Weigela

Planting Weigela Shrubs

Choose a spot in full sun with enough room to accommodate your weigela's adult growth without crowding its neighbors. For hedges or mass plantings space weigela 3 to 6 feet apart depending on variety.

Dig a hole twice as wide and deep as the root ball. Mix compost in with the dirt that was removed. Fill the hole with the mix of soil and compost until the hole is just big enough for the root ball. Make sure the weigela will be planted at the same depth as it was in the nursery. Tamp the soil firmly around the root ball to avoid air pockets.

Cut broken or dead branches off at the nearest live node.

Keep your weigela well watered, the soil should dry out slightly between waterings.

How to Prune Variegated Weigela

Check your weigela for signs of damaged or dead branches, which need to be removed for the health of the plant. Damaged branches appear physically marred or bent, while dead branches feel light.

Mix a 1:10 solution of bleach and water in a bucket. Dip your anvil pruners in the bleach. Trim away dead or damaged growth at the base. In between cuts, dip your pruners back into the bleach solution to avoid spreading any bacteria.

When you've removed all dead wood, throw away the bleach situation.

Head back the variegated weigela if it's grown too tall. Trim back the branches by several inches, cutting each branch back individually. Make the cut at an angle rather than straight-on, so that water will fall off the branch and not pool on it.

Thin out old woody branches to open up the interior of the shrub. Cut off branches at their base with your anvil pruners. Remove up to a third of the old growth.

Prune away branches that rub up on other branches, since this creates stress. Cut away the weaker of the two branches.

How to Feed My Monet Weigela

Mix 2 inches of aged compost into your My Monet's garden area or pot. Compost both feeds the plant's roots and boosts the soil's ability to retain moisture, thereby keeping your Weigela hydrated.

Fertilize the My Monet shrub with any standard slow-release shrub fertilizer, available from all garden stores and nurseries. Apply the plant food in the early spring to give the shrub the extra nutrients it needs as it enters its spring growth period, following the fertilizer's labeled guidelines since potency varies by fertilizer brand.

Water the Weigela shrub after applying the fertilizer. This helps carry the fertilizer nutrients to the plant's root level and minimizes the chances of nitrogen burns.

How Big Does a Weigela Shrub Get?

According to North Carolina State University, the Weigela shurb (Weigela florida) grows 6 to 10 feet high and wide.