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Spinach Dip

Organic Spinach Seed Planting

How to Prepare Spinach Dip

Try a versatile and healthy spinach dip that complements raw vegetables, chips or fresh bread. Not only is the spinach dip creamy and delicious, but it will encourage healthy eating when you pair it with other healthy dipping ingredients. When your spring spinach is ready to harvest, reach for the other ingredients necessary to make spinach dip and make your family a tasty treat.

Place the fresh spinach leaves into the colander and run cool water over the leaves to wash them.

Fill the stockpot with 2 inches of water. Place the steamer basket on top of the stockpot and cover the steamer basket.

Bring the water in the stockpot to a boil and steam the spinach leaves for three to four minutes until they wilt. Remove the stockpot from the heat and cool the spinach to room temperature.

Place the spinach leaves onto the cutting board and mince them finely with the knife. Place the minced spinach into the bowl.

Measure and add the sour cream, the mayonnaise and the soup mix to the spinach in the bowl. Stir the ingredients with the spatula until the spinach dip is well blended and creamy.

Serve the spinach dip immediately.