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Positive Thought & Plant Growth

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Most people believe positive thought holds some amount of power. Numerous phrases reflect that mindset, including "Where there’s a will, there’s a way." The general idea is "you can do anything you put your mind to." Whether you achieve your goals is determined by the limits you set in your mind. This concept can also be applied to plant growth. Numerous studies have observed a positive correlation between positive thinking and plant growth. Root for your plants.

Praying for Seeds

According to the nonprofit organization PLIM Inc., studies support the idea that positive thought increases plant growth. A study conducted by scientist and minister Dr. Franklin Loehr experimented with praying for seeds. One pan of seeds received positive prayer; one received no prayer; the third pan received negative prayer. This experiment has been repeated several times with the same results. Seeds that were prayed over produced the most plants; seeds that received negative prayer were stunted in growth.

Holy Water

Loehr turned his experiment to examine the water aspect. Two bottles of spring water were used. One bottle was prayed over by a group; the other received no prayer. According to PILM Organization, corn seeds that were watered with the holy water sprouted a day sooner than the other seeds. These seeds also showed a higher growth rate and germination.

Dr. Bernard Grad’s Studies

Bernard Grad, while a professor at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, experimented with positive thought and seed germination. Grad chose an interesting medium of salt water, which has the effect of retarded growth. Grad involved a known psychic healer to hold one jar of the salt water. Seeds were soaked in these two jars. The seeds in the healer-effected water grew taller than the seeds from the control jar.

Grad's studies were in conducted in support of those by Dr. Masaru Emoto. Emoto, an author and entrpreneur whose medical focus is alternative medicine, has done extensive experiments on the effects of positive and negative energy on water crystallization. According to the Institute of Science in Society, Emoto compared water crystal formation after hearing negative or positive music and sounds. Negative sounds produced deformed crystals while positive music produced intricate shapes.

The Effects of Water

Masaru Emoto has dedicated years of his life to examining water crystallization and the effects of various music, speaking and thoughts on water formation. Positive music and thoughts produce variously shaped, intricate water crystals. Negativity produces deformed water crystals. You can experiment with your own plants to see if the directed energy has a more dramatic effect when focused on the water or the plant itself.

Negative Thoughts

Positive thoughts have been shown to outgrow their untreated counterparts. Negative thoughts have been shown to have adverse effects on plant growth. According to Self Growth, Grad also conducted studies on this matter. He brought buckets of water for psychiatric patients to hold. Plants watered with any of this water showed poor growth; buckets held by depressed patients produced plants with suppressed growth.

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