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What Kind of Grass Will Grow Without Sun?

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Growing grass without sunlight is impossible. Sunlight is one of the basic needs of a plant. Photosynthesis will not occur without light. However, there are several cool-season grasses that will grow in densely shaded areas. American Lawns noted six grasses that will grow under dense shade or dim light. Each off these grasses have different characteristics. One may be the right choice for your lawn.

Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky bluegrass is one of the most well known of the cool-season grasses. It goes dormant in extreme heat or cold but will bounce back if watered.

Rough Bluegrass

Rough bluegrass thrives in cool conditions. It is yellowish-green and tends to lie flat in one direction. Its leaves are soft with a boat-shaped tip.

Red Fescue

This grass is common in northern mountainous areas. It is low maintenance and lends itself to areas such as cabins and campsites. It needs little mowing, watering or fertilizing.

Annual Ryegrass

The low price of its seed makes annual ryegrass attractive to homeowners on a budget. It grows quickly and makes a suitable temporary ground cover until another type of grass can be planted. Another benefit, it does not remain dormant for long periods in summer or winter.

Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial ryegrass also grows quickly and is good as a temporary ground cover. This grass is used in warmer areas to keep lawns looking green throughout winter. It will not survive the heat of summer.

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