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What Are the Most Popular Flowers in America?

By T. Connors

Some of the most popular flowers in America can be found growing wild in almost any region in the country. Besides flowers that are easily grown in America, these popular flowers are also some of the most popular to send in delivered arrangements for birthdays, anniversaries or funerals.

Roses, lilies, tulips, orchids and daisies are some of the most popular flowers in America. Roses and lilies are popular for their majestic petals and strong and appealing scent. daisies are the more casual but charming of the most popular flowers. There may not be a scent to a daisy, but the fan of petals in pretty colors like snow white, powder pink and sunny yellow make any bouquet or garden more cheery.


Roses are by far one of the most popular flowers in America. They are not only popular to grow in gardens, but very popular to send as a delivered bouquet. There are thousands of varieties and each year, new hybrids are developed with different color combinations and different petal shapes.

Tea roses, climbing roses and long stem roses are some of the most popular varieties. Most roses are grown as bushes or shrubs in a home garden. One of the easiest roses to grow is the climbing rose. It climbs up a trellis and blooms with a prolific pattern of small rose flowers.


Lilies are a feminine and showy flower with a heady fragrance. Day lilies are grown in many American gardens in the most common colors, yellow, orange and white. Many day lily varieties can be found growing wild alongside country roads.

Stargazer lilies are a more exotic lily choice use for many floral bouquets. Stargazers have one of the strongest scent of all the lily varieties.

Calla lilies are used most often for funerals and weddings. For a more modern wedding, a calla lily bunch is simply tied together for a bride's bouquet. Oddly, calla lilies are also known as a symbol of sympathy and are used commonly in funeral flowers.


Daisies are a charming flower that are not only found growing wild alongside a road, but are most often included in a cheery bouquet. Daisies are one of the least inexpensive flowers available to grow or include in a bouquet. Seed packets cost only a dollar and a bunch of daisies run about $10.

Gerbera daisies have large heads in soft pastels like yellow, pink and powder white. These flowers can also come in bright colors like fuschia, orange, shocking yellow. Their long stems require support of a plastic sleeve so the stems stay erect.


Tulips are one of the most popular flowers in America. These elegant flowers are mostly grown in the Holland and shipped overnight for markets and florists to sell that week. Many home gardeners like to grow tulips in casual gardens which bloom each spring. Bulbs are planted in the fall and flowers spring up in mid to late spring.

Tulip varieties include the Double Early, Darwin Hybrid, Single Early, Single Late and Fringed variety. The Darwin Hybrid in one of the tallest tulips and is most often tied in tight bunches to be used for wedding bouquets. The Single Early, as the name states, is one of the first tulips to bloom in the springtime.


Orchids are one of the most expensive and exotic of the popular flowers. Grown mostly in Asia, orchids usually only have one to a handful of blooms on each plant and blooming times can be spaced out by months or even years.

Phalaenopsis, or moth orchid, is one of the most popular orchids found planted in containers and sold in flower shops and specialty stores. They feature large elegant flower heads and broad green leaves. These flowers are most often used in plant gifts rather than bouquets.

Demdrobrium orchids have smaller flowers and are used in less expensive floral bouquets. Their floral sprays can contain up to ten to twelve small flowers in colors like purple, pink or white.

Most orchids in America are grown indoors since they require a more warm and humid environment. One of the best places to grow your orchids is in the bathroom where they can enjoy the steam from a shower or bath.


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