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Grass Cutting Tools

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Lawn maintenance requires a specific set of tools to accomplish this weekly chore during the warm months of the year. Tools to cut grass include lawnmowers as well as other tools for edging and trimming. Hard-to-reach areas require the use of smaller cutting blades. A fully manicured lawn looks best with neatly trimmed edging around gardens. Edged lines between paved areas such as the driveway and sidewalk present a tailored, neat appearance to the entire landscape.


The trusty lawn mower provides an easy way to keep the lawn looking groomed throughout the warm months of the year. Lawnmowers come in a wide array of styles including manual models to riding mowers. Mowers feature sharp rotating blades that chop grass blades to a desired heights. Reel mowers feature rotating blades propelled by pushing the mower manually and work best on small lawns. Gas-driven push mowers have a wide variety of options including self propelling mechanisms and mulching capabilities that chop grass blades into small pieces. Riding lawn mowers feature a seat, four tires and an engine propelled vehicle with a cutting blade for cutting grass on large properties.

Weed Eater

This grass cutting tool goes by many names and performs the tough chore of edging areas of the lawn. Weed eaters feature a spinning plastic cord that slices grass off at the desired height. Weed eaters feature a long handle with grips to securely hold the tool when in use. The cutting cord is covered by a protective cap to limit throwback of plant debris. This tool works best to cut grass close to decorative garden borders, retaining walls, porches, pillars or decks. Weed eaters can be either gas powered or electric.


Edgers differ from weed eaters in the design of the cutting surface and the basic function of the tool. Edgers focus on creating a sharp line between pavement and grass areas of the lawn. It's possible to use a weed eater for this task but the plastic cord wears quickly with constant contact with pavement. An edger features a guide wheel to control movement of the machine and a sharp circular blade that cuts into the grass. Gas powered, electric and manual edgers are available to tackle this basic landscaping chore to neaten the appearance of the lawn.

Grass Shears

It's inevitable that a few errant blades of grass will be missed after edging the garden beds. Nuisance blades often protrude around the mailbox or lamppost. Grass shears make quick work of grass in small areas. This tool features two long pointy blades similar to long-blade scissors. The bottom blade remains stationary as the top blade moves with depression of the spring-loaded handle. Grass shears also come in straight, scissors-type models that work very much like household scissors.

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