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How to Make a Simple and Easy Plant Hanger

By Kathryn Hatter ; Updated September 21, 2017
Homemade plant hangers add a colorful touch.

Give your hanging plants a little extra personality by making attractive plant hangers with colored twine. Choose a twine color you like and then make a simple and easy plant hanger. Whether your plants hang indoors or outdoors, when they hang from your homemade plant hangers, you can be proud of not only the beautiful plant but also the beautiful hanger it hangs in.

Cut four lengths of twine. Determine the length of your plant hanger, add 5 inches to this number and multiply the answer by 2. That's the length of twine you'll need.

Hold the twine together with the ends even and fold the twine lengths in half. Make a loop at the center point and tie all eight lengths of twine together in a large overhand knot approximately 2 inches below the center loop. This loop will be where you hang your plant hanger.

Arrange the eight lengths of twine as they extend down from the overhand knot. Make four pairs of twine.

Tie overhand knots in each of the four pairs of twine. Make sure each of the four knots is even with the other knots.

Divide the lengths of twine on the underside of the knots and pull the right twine length over toward the knot to the right of the original knot. Pull the left twine length over toward the knot to the left of the original knot. When you do this with each of the four knots, you have four new pairs of twine.

Measure the height of the planting container and divide it by two to find the halfway point of the planting container. Tie an overhand knot with the four new pairs of twine at the halfway point of the planting container.

Tie all eight lengths of twine together in a large overhand knot. Position this knot the distance you figured in step 6 plus half the diameter of the planting container. This will be the bottom of the plant hanger that sits under the planting container. You should have several inches of twine extending below the knot.


Things You Will Need

  • Colored twine
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors


  • Add more color and interest to your plant hanger by placing small beads onto the ends of the twine at the bottom of the plant hanger. Tie a simple overhand knot below each bead to keep the beads on the twine.

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