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How to Wrap a Fig Tree

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When your fig tree is healthy and producing figs, you must take steps to protect your fig tree from winter temperatures. Fig trees will not tolerate winter temperatures below 20 degrees F, so it is imperative that you wrap a fig tree in late autumn to protect it from cold weather. Once you securely wrap your fig tree, cold and moisture will not penetrate inside the wrap and your fig tree will stay warm and dry inside.

Tie the fig tree branches together with a long length of rope so they are all vertical. Wrap the rope around the branches tightly to pull every branch up to the central leader trunk and tie it securely to hold the branches.

Wrap a long length of burlap around the tree to cover the entire tree. As you wrap the burlap around the tree, secure it with the safety pins. Continue wrapping until you have completely covered the tree with burlap and secure the burlap tightly with pins.

Remove several inches of soil from around the base of the tree and set this soil aside until the end of the wrapping. You will replace it at the end.

Wrap butcher paper over the burlap to cover the entire tree. Secure the butcher paper to the tree with more rope, making sure the butcher paper covers the entire tree over the burlap.

Cut a vertical line down one corner of the appliance box with the scissors. Place the appliance box around the fig tree around the base of the tree to wrap the trunk. Wrap the cardboard snugly around the tree and tie it into place with the rope.

Cover the fig tree with a layer of tarpaper. The tarpaper will seal moisture, rain and snow out of the wrapping, so make sure it covers the tree completely. Tie the tarpaper around and over the tree with rope.

Place the soil you removed earlier around the base of the tree to insulate the roots of the tree. Mound the soil up around the bottom of the wrapping materials. If you do not have enough topsoil, mound extra mulch around the base of the tree for insulation.

Fit a large bucket over the top of the tree, if you desire. The bucket will deflect precipitation from hitting the top of the tree.


Remove the wrapping layers in early spring when the temperatures will stay above 25 degrees F both day and night.

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