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Ideas for Landscaping With Pavers

By Callie Barber ; Updated September 21, 2017
Concrete paver path leads to and from the garden.
up the garden path image by Doug Stacey from Fotolia.com

Pavers are a bold way to create a backyard patio to use as your own private getaway. Nestled in the front yard to replace an ever-thirsty lawn, they make for a low maintenance design. Pavers come in a range of sizes and shapes to fit a small space or create a commanding presence in a backyard. Their durable design combined with their easy to clean surface make pavers an ideal landscaping stone.

Garden Path

Paver paths are an ideal way to connect the garden to other areas around the landscape like a bench or backyard pergola. Paths beckon you outdoors to take a stroll through the landscape to admire your flowers and plants or provide a respite from gardening.

To ensure gardening equipment like wheelbarrows fit down the paver path, lay 2-foot wide pavers down every 5 to 10 inches. In between the pavers, add a layer of crushed rock, such as pebbles or granite or try a creeping plant like sedum or blue star creeper. These trailing plants help to define each paver with their vibrant green color and tiny flowers.

Cozy Patio

Create your very own private oasis with pavers. Pavers can be cut into any shape to fit a small or large space, as well as stained any color imaginable. Create a whimsical design for your patio by spacing the pavers out in a circular pattern. Creating a pattern or shape using the pavers makes for your own one-of-a-kind design.

Use pavers in different sizes and shapes to create the design to your patio. Small pavers mixed with large ones help to fill in the tight spaces around the stone patio. For a little color to the patio and to help define the space, stain the the pavers an earth color like terracotta. Around the paver patio, plant perennial blooms and nestle plants into bright and colorful containers. Don’t forget to add a comfortable patio furniture set over the pavers to create your own private retreat among the landscape.

Front Yard Pavers

Pavers lining the front yard not only create a functional walk-way to and from the house, but they also reduce the amount of water needed. Decreasing the amount of grass in a front yard by replacing with lawn with pavers creates a low-maintenance front yard. To create this design, set the paver stones one after the other to create a diagonal path leading around the yard. In between the pavers, add a low growing ground cover like creeping thyme. Creeping thyme is drought tolerant and the ideal ground cover to plant for a low-water front yard design.


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