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How to Make a Mole Trap

By Steven White
Mole tunnels damage root systems.
maulwurfshügel im winter image by kernel from Fotolia.com

Moles are solitary mammals who spend their entire lives creating tunnels and searching for earthworms and grubs. Unfortunately, these fuzzy mammals are also responsible for damaging crops, as their tunnels burrow through plant's root systems. While there are non-contact means of disposing of these animals such as poisons and flooding the burrow, those seeking a guaranteed solution can use traps.

Step on a mole tunnel so that it collapses and place a distinct marker near the tunnel. Return to the tunnel after 10 hours. If the tunnel is restored, a mole uses it regularly.

Measure 8 inches from the bottom of the soda bottle and mark it on opposite sides of the bottle. Cut a round hole on both sides, roughly 2 inches in diameter. Poke a hole in the bottle cap and thread the string through the hole. Attach the strawberry to the string and place the bottle cap back on the bottle. This is your trap.

Return to the mole tunnel and dig a hole just underneath it. Place the trap so that the two holes line up with the mole's tunnel. Fill the trap with two to three cups of water and sprinkle some dirt into the water. Cover the trap, leaving the bottle cap visible. Check the trap daily and remove any drowned moles.


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