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Deer Repellent Home Remedies

Female Mule Deer munching on a bush image by John Sfondilias from

Repelling deer with home remedies is generally a nontoxic and humane way to keep deer off of personal property and away from garden plants. The number of deer and the size of property should be considered before choosing a method for repelling these hungry grazers. Furthermore, since concocted home remedies often wash away in the elements, most need to be reapplied periodically.

Eggs and Water

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A mixture of 20 percent whole eggs and 80 percent water has been known to repel deer without the need to reapply after every rain storm. This concoction can be placed in a garden sprayer and applied to plant foliage, but to prevent the sprayer from clogging, the white membrane attached to the yolk need be removed prior to mixing. After applying to garden foliage, the mixture must be reapplied every 30 days for optimum effectiveness.

Human Hair

Discarded hair from beauty salons can be collected and hung around a property to repel deer as well. Two handfuls of hair per mesh bag should be hung 28 to 32 inches off the ground on low growing tree branches or stakes. Numerous bags of hair placed around the yard or garden should provide enough odor to ward off potential grazers.


Scraps of decaying, rancid meat and grease has also been known to repel deer. Hang 1/2 to 1 cup of tankage collected from leftover meals in a cloth bag and hang 28 to 31 inches above the ground. Puncture holes in the cloth to allow rain to drain out. Tankage is typically only useful during warm weather for about two to six weeks. Be careful, the smell might repel deer but might lure carnivorous pests to the property.


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Soap and hot pepper sauce are other home remedies to deter deer from grazing on ornamental plants. Any brand of soap can be used to hang on wire around the yard much like human hair bags or tankage. A mixture of hot pepper sauce (the hotter the better), liquid dish soap, garlic powder and water can be sprayed on the foilage of plants deter deer from grazing as well. This method must be reapplied after every rain or snow storm because it readily washes away. Hot pepper sauce can be added to an egg and water mixture as well, for a little extra kick.

Garden Plants

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Placing less desirable plants around the perimeter of the yard may help deter deer from eating more desirable plants closer to a home. Plants to consider include Black-Eyed Susan, daffodils, larkspur, blue mist spirea, common juniper, and pinon pine to name a few. Keep in mind that no plant is off limits to deer but some plants simply taste better than others.

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