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How to Mix Oil & Gas for a Ryobi Gas Trimmer

By Kenneth Crawford ; Updated September 21, 2017
Mix a 32:1 ratio of gas and oil for your Ryobi trimmer.

The Ryobi gas trimmer uses a fuel mixture with a ratio of 32:1 to power the engine. The 32:1 ratio is a mix of unleaded fuel with two-cycle engine oil. It is a good idea to keep a gas can set aside strictly for fueling your gas trimmer. This will prevent accidentally placing straight fuel into your trimmer and damaging the engine. Most trimmer malfunctions are a direct result of improperly mixed fuel in the engine.

Use a clean 1-gallon gas can specifically for fueling your Ryobi gas trimmer.

Pour a 4-ounce can of two-cycle engine oil into the clean gas can.

Pour 1 gallon of unleaded gasoline into the gas can.

Close the gas can lid and swirl the fuel mixture around to thoroughly mix the fuel in the can.

Pour a fuel stabilizer into the fuel mixture if the gasoline you are using is a blended gas. Ryobi recommends using STA-BIL as a fuel stabilizer for the fuel mix. Use the stabilizer according to the instructions on the can.


Things You Will Need

  • Clean gas can
  • 4-ounce can two-cycle engine oil
  • 1 gallon unleaded gasoline
  • Fuel stabilizer


  • Gasoline is highly flammable. Always stop the trimmer and allow the engine to cool before adding fuel.
  • Never mix fuel directly in the Ryobi gas trimmer fuel tank

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