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How to Change the Cutting Height on Push Mowers

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The average lawn is usually cut to a height of 2 inches during the mowing season. However, nature and life can get in the way and your lawn may get a little taller between cuttings. For this reason you may need to adjust the height of your push mower from time to time. Push mower height adjustments are similar on all gas or electric mowers. Gas mowers will have adjustment levers on all four wheels while many electric mowers have a single knob to raise and lower the mower deck.

Gasoline Mowers

Place the push mower over a level surface.

Locate the height adjustment lever on each wheel. The lever will be between the side of the mower deck and the inside of each wheel. Most levers will have a plastic coated tip and some even have adjustment dials.

Grab the top of the adjustment lever and pull the lever toward the mower wheel. This disengage the lever so that you can move the lever left or right.

Move the lever down or to the right to raise the mower deck, or move the lever up or to the left to lower the mower deck. Release the lever to lock inside a notch at the bottom of the lever.

Adjust all four adjustment levers to the same setting. The simple way to accomplish this is to count the notch of the first lever you adjust. If the first lever is in the second notch from the right, all levers must be on second notch from the right.

Electric Mowers

Unplug the electric mower power cord from the electrical outlet.

Locate the deck adjustment knob on the top of the mower. The knob will be toward the top left rear of the mower and may have a dial indicator on top of the knob.

Turn the knob by hand to raise and lower the mower deck. Turn the knob clockwise to lower the deck height and counter-clockwise to raise the deck height.


Never adjust a mower deck with the engine running.

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