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Rose Vine Types

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Vining roses include rose varieties that produce vigorous, long canes that can be grown along structures like fences and trellises. Vining roses are climbing in nature and must be trained. Typically climbing roses are fast-growing and produce a plethora of blooms. Some roses are everblooming climbers, meaning they are winter hardy and produce a large amount of blooms throughout the year. Other rose varieties are ramblers and bloom in spring to produce small, dense clusters of blooms.

Golden Showers

Golden Showers are a vigorous climbing rose variety. The loosely petaled flowers grow in clusters, and the leaves are dark green and glossy. The colors of the Golden Shower rose are a golden yellow to faded, creamy white, as the name suggests. Golden Shower roses have a sweet fragrance and grow from 6 to 10 feet tall. Their arching habit is ideal along an arbor or pergola for a bright burst of color to the landscape. Golden shower roses have few thorns and tolerate poor soils. They require full sun to partial shade to thrive.

New Dawn

These vigorously climbing roses have an upright habit and large double blooms. The long stems hold the grayish-green foliage that is semi-glossy. New Dawn roses have a light pink color with a contrasting yellow stamen These hardy roses emerge in summer to last into the fall. New Dawn roses grow 10 to 15 feet and are ideal growing along a garden fence or outdoor trellis. They are also disease resistant and can tolerate a wide range of soil types, including poor soil, making for a tough and versatile rose variety.

Don Juan

Don Juan roses have a deep red bloom color and large, pointed buds. Each double-cupped flower has 35 petals with a ruffled edge. Don Juan roses grow 8 to 15 feet and bloom on old and new growth. Their strong fragrance and strong growth habit makes them a garden climbing favorite. The leaves on the Don Juan rose are dark green, shiny and leather-like in texture. Don Juan roses require full sun to thrive and make for striking fresh cut flowers to add to a floral arrangement.


Mermaid roses are climbing roses that grow up to 20 feet. Their large flowers are pale yellow with five petals per bloom. Mermaid blooms grow 4 to 6 inches wide and bloom throughout the summer. These hardy climbers have dark green leaves to contrast with the pale blooms. They also have large thorns and are shade tolerant.


Dortmund roses have bright red blooms with a white center, making for a striking rose variety. The flat, single flowers grow in clusters and bloom throughout the summer. Dortmund roses grow 8 to 10 feet long and have an apple fragrance. Their holly-like foliage is thorny and dark green in color. Dortmund roses tolerate poor soils types and are also shade tolerant. To extend the blooming season, deadhead, or remove spent blooms, as soon as they are noticeable.

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