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How to Harvest & Store Green Beans

Harvest Kidney Beans

Kidney bean plants require soil temperatures above 60 degrees Fahrenheit to successfully germinate, although temperatures between 70 and 80 F are best. Sowing in cold soil will delay germination or cause the seeds to sprout poorly, which will result in a reduced or inadequate yield. As the summer season ends, kidney bean plants begin to lose vigor and die back. Pull up the whole bean plant, and place it on a flat surface in a shady area with freely circulating air. The plants should be left to dry until the pods begin to split open naturally, at which point you can simply pick up and shake the dry plant until the beans fall from the pods. Double-check the pods, manually removing any stubbornly clinging beans. Kidney beans require relatively little processing after harvest, although they must be sorted to ensure their quality during storage.

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