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How to Get the Wax Off of My Yucca Root

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Remove the wax off your yucca root to keep from saying "Yuck!" when you eat it. If you grow yucca in your garden, you will not find a wax coating on the vegetable. But commercial yucca producers apply wax to the tropical tuber's skin to protect them from moisture loss. Remove the wax before cooking them, unless you want crayon-flavored yucca. Peeling the tough, inedible yucca skin wax gums up your vegetable peeler. Instead, get the wax and skin off in a single stroke with a paring knife.

Set the yucca root onto the cutting board lengthwise and slice off 1 inch from both of the ends to create a flat spot to rest the vegetable during peeling.

Stand the yucca on one of the cut sides and insert the paring knife between the skin and the flesh near the top cut portion of the yucca.

Run the knife down the side of the vegetable to remove a strip of the dark skin and the wax adhering to it.

Continue to peel the yucca root to remove both the peel and the wax until all of the peel has been removed, leaving behind only the white flesh.

Cook the yucca root according to your recipe, as eating it raw could be toxic.

Root A Yucca Tree

Cut a stem off your yucca plant in late spring or early summer. Plant the yucca stem in the soil, cut end down. Water the stem thoroughly after planting. Water again only when the soil becomes very dry. After three to six months, the yucca establishes a root system and foliage begins to grow.

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