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Fruit Trees for Georgia

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Georgia’s climate is ideal for many different types of plants, trees and shrubs. In fact, when many people think of Georgia, they think of thriving plantations full of crops, beautiful flowering trees and the state’s famous peach orchards. Aside from peaches, however, Georgia offers a wonderful growth climate for a wide variety of fruit trees.

Belle of Georgia Peach Tree

Juicy ripe peach image by Olga Chernetskaya from

The Belle of Georgia peach tree (Prunus persica) is one of the many varieties of fruit trees found in the state. This tree is appropriate for yard growth. It can grow 15 to 25 feet in height and can reach a total spread of 8 to 20 feet. This particular type of peach tree requires full sun (ideally 6 to 8 hours per day) and is not drought resistant. For best results, this particular type of tree should be watered daily during dry periods. Belle of Georgia trees are self-pollinating and yield large, flavorful peaches. Flowers on this tree are a vibrant, bright red color.

Yoshino Cherry Tree

old cherry tree reaching to the sky image by jacinda richman from

The Yoshino cherry tree is another fruit tree commonly found in Georgia. In fact, this tree is so popular to the state that it is celebrated with a yearly festival in Macon, Georgia. This cherry tree is small in size and has beautiful, white to pinkish flowers, making it an attractive option for your yard. Typically, this tree reaches a maximum height of 20 feet and a maximum spread of 15 feet. The Yoshino cherry tree grows the best in areas that offer full sun. It also prefers moist, well-drained soil, so you will need to water your tree in times of drought. Yoshino cherry trees originated in Asia, specifically in Korea, China and Japan. They can also be found in Washington, D.C., where their delicate flowers and beautiful appearance provide natural decoration to the United States capitol.

Shockley Apple

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The Shockley apple tree is a variety of apple tree that is common to the northern region of Georgia. The apples that this tree yields reach full ripeness in the latter half of October and offer a rich, sweet flavor. As do many other varieties of apple trees, the Shockley apple tree can reach the height of 15 to 18 feet. This type of tree grows the best in areas where it will receive full sun and offer well-drained soil. Shockley apple trees should not be planted in areas that often flood or have standing water.

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