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Apple Trees in Arizona

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Arizona's climate is often not thought suitable for apples. However, apples grow very well in Arizona with adequate irrigation and care. The type of apple that is best will depend on your climate zone. According to the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map, some parts of Arizona are in the colder part of Zone 5. Although many varieties of apples will grow in those areas, some may not do well in the colder winters and springs.

Golden Delicious

Golden Delicious apples grow well in hardiness zones 4 through 7 in Arizona. However, they need at least 850 hours dormancy in the winter to produce fruit the following season. Golden Delicious apples are large, sweet apples that are suitable for eating, pies, canning or cooking. The skin on these apples ranges from yellow green to light yellow. Golden Delicious tend to ripen in mid to late season. Golden Delicious apples do best in full sun and when not planted in a low-lying area where they could be damaged by downward flowing cold spring air.


Anna apples grow well in the colder parts of Arizona, like hardiness zones 5 through 8. These early season apples have good flavor when ripe. However, the fruit doesn't last as long as other varieties. In many cases, you will need to thin the fruit to ensure larger, sweeter fruit for harvest. Annas can do well in either full sun or partial sun. Like other apples, plant them above low-lying areas where cold air may accumulate at night.


Galas do best in full or partial sun and are very tolerant of different soil conditions. As long as the soil drains well, Galas should do fine. Galas can also be moderately drought tolerant, and may be OK with less watering during periods of drought. Galas are sweet apples that are suitable for eating, baking, canning and cooking. Gala trees produce a medium-size fruit with a red over yellow coloration. They tend to need 500 to 600 hours of cold to produce good fruit and do well in hardiness zones 5 through 8

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