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How to Border a Driveway With Landscape Timbers

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Border a driveway with landscape timbers for an informal, yet finished, appearance. Most landscape timbers are affordable and come in a variety of different woods. A straight driveway is especially suited to a landscape timber border of 8-foot-long pieces of timber. Take the time to prepare the foundation bed to ensure the timbers stay level and will not shift if the ground heaves during the winter.

Measure the length of the driveway to determine how many timbers you will need. With standard timbers being 8 feet long, you will likely need to cut at least one timber to fit the area precisely. Take the length you measured and divide it by eight. The remainder will be the length you will need to cut a timber to fit. For example, if your measurement is 54 feet (on each side of the driveway), you will need 8 landscape timbers for each side of the driveway plus a timber cut to 6 feet for each side of the driveway.

Cut the landscape timbers as necessary with the saw according to the previous measurements.

Dig the trench for your landscape timbers. Make the trench width equal to the width of your landscape timbers and as deep as your landscape timbers are high. Create an even trench along the driveway edges using the level to check the trench along the entire driveway.

Lay gravel to fill half of the trench. The gravel will help create a firm foundation for the timbers and keep them from moving in the trench.

Drill holes through the landscape timbers for the landscape spikes. Use a bit that is the appropriate width for the spikes and long enough to go through the entire timber. Drill two holes in each timber with each hole 8 to 12 inches away from the ends of the timber.

Place the landscape timbers over the gravel in the trench. Butt the timbers up to each other so there is no gap between each timber.

Pound the timbers with the rubber mallet to drive them into the trench.

Lay the level along the timbers to ensure they are level. Adjust the timbers to make them higher or lower if they are not level. Continue to use the level to check the timbers and making any minor adjustments with the mallet until all of the timbers are level along the edges of the driveway.

Drive the landscape spikes through the holes in the landscape timbers to secure them into the ground..

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