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How to Water Juniper Bonsai

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The juniper tree is a coniferous tree with nearly 70 species. These trees are slow-growing, sturdy evergreens with needle-like foliage. This evergreen requires cooler climates, low levels of sunlight and ample amounts of water to thrive. Since the juniper is a slow-growing tree, too much or too little water can have drastic effects on the tree’s overall health and development. It is important to pay close attention to the juniper bonsai’s watering schedule, adjusting the irrigation levels to meet the tree’s needs.

Ensure that the juniper bonsai is planted in a well-drained container with a nutrient rich soil/organic compost combination.

Water the juniper bonsai deeply and infrequently to promote a strong, deep rooting system. In the early morning, irrigate the bonsai with a watering can. Irrigate the plant until the excess water flows from the bottom of the container. Allow the bonsai to rest and then return it to its primary location.

Place the juniper in a location that receives at least four to six hours of full sunlight each day. Choose a location that provides full morning sun and partially shaded afternoon sun to avoid sun damage.

Allow the juniper bonsai to dry out between each watering but avoid extended drought periods. Check the soil frequently. Place your finger approximately an inch into the soil. Water the juniper if the soil feels moderately dry to completely dry.

Soak the juniper bonsai if you are unsure of the juniper’s water requirement. Fill a sink with tepid water. Place the entire potted juniper in the center of the sink. Allow the plant to rest until the bubbles no longer rise to the top. Remove the bonsai from the sink and allow it to rest until the water no longer drains from the bottom.

Replace the plant in its primary location and allow it to dry out. Continue to check the soil’s moisture levels regularly, watering when the levels are dry.

Promote a humid environment for the juniper bonsai. Mist the juniper’s foliage once daily using a general misting bottle with fresh water. Consider placing the juniper on a misting tray during the hot summer months.

Prune the juniper regularly to develop its shape and maintain health. Irrigate the juniper immediately after each pruning to assist the bonsai with healthy healing.

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