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How to Make a Tree Stump Bird Bath

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Tree stumps may be eyesores on your property, but you can transform them into something useful with a little ingenuity. Place a plant on top of the stump and it becomes a decorative plant stand. Drill holes and insert decorative wood or glass wands to make an art object for the landscape. Hollow out the center of the stump and fill it with concrete to make a bird bath. Making a tree stump bird bath is a simple craft project that your feathered friends will enjoy for years.

Place a bowl the desired diameter of the bird bath rim down on top of the tree stump. Mark the outline of the rim of the bowl with a marker. Remove the bowl.

Put on safety glasses and cut along the outline with a circular saw. Remove the cut wood with a chisel. Continue to chisel out the center of the tree stump to create a concave shape in the top of the stump.

Mix concrete topping mix according to the package directions. Topping mix creates a smoother finish than other types of concrete mixes as it does not contain stones.

Pour the concrete mix into the concave opening on top of the tree stump to about 2 inches thick.

Spray the outside of the bowl with non-stick cooking spray. The non-stick spray will act as a release agent so you can easily remove the bowl from the dried concrete.

Press the bottom of the bowl into the center of the concrete on the tree stump. Fill in around the sides between the bowl and the tree stump with more concrete topping mix. Let the concrete cure according to the package directions. Remove the bowl. Allow the concrete to dry completely for about one week before you add water to the tree stump bird bath.


Protect the concrete from rain during the drying process by covering it with the upside-down bowl, plastic or a tarp.

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