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How to Plant a Red Ginger Plant

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Red ginger (Alpinia purpurata) is also sometimes called fire ginger, pine cone ginger and ostrich plume. It is an indigenous perennial flowering plant to regions of the South Pacific, such as Malaysia, New Caledonia and the British Solomon Islands. Reg ginger is recognized by its 12- to 32-inch long leaves and cane-like stems which grow to form a spike-shaped cluster of red flowers. Red ginger plants need a temperature that will remain above 60 degrees F at all times. If your growing region experiences cold winter temperatures, you should consider planting red ginger in a container and over-wintering it indoors.

Planting a Red Ginger Plant in the Ground

Dig a planting hole for the red ginger which is twice the width and depth of its growing container. Red ginger loves sunshine. Make sure the planting area will provide the red ginger plenty of sunlight.

Amend the soil you removed from the planting hole. Red ginger plants like being grown in soil that is moist and rich in organic matter. Mix together with the planting hole soil 1/3 the amount of rotted leaves, aged compost or manure.

Remove the red ginger plant from its growing container. Set the pot horizontally on the ground, or on a potting bench. Use a hammer, a block of wood, or a trowel and tap down on the rim of the container until it loosens. Slide the container off the root system of the red ginger.

Place the red ginger into the planting hole. It should be planted at the same depth as it was growing in its container, or just slightly higher (about 1 inch). Scoop in the garden soil and organic matter mixture to fill the planting hole 1/2 full. Pour water into the planting hole until it's full, then let the water dissipate before proceeding.

Scoop in the soil and organic matter material to fill the planting hole full. Water the red ginger thoroughly. Make sure to provide red ginger plants the equivalent of 1 inch of water each week during the hot growing season.

Planting a Red Ginger Plant in a Container

Scoop in a quality potting mix into a large tub or barrel to fill the container full. Red ginger plants can grow tall (from 3 to 15 feet) so use an adequately size container.

Dig out a planting hole in the center of the growing container that is about 1 1/2 the diameter and approximately the same depth as the growing receptacle the red ginger is currently growing in.

Remove the red ginger from its growing container as directed in step 3 above.

Set the red ginger into its new growing container. Scoop in potting mix around the red ginger until the planting hole is full. Firm the soil down around the red ginger. Water the red ginger generously.


According to the University of Hawaii, red ginger plants like being grown in soil that has a pH range of 6.0 to 6.8.

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