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What Are the Benefits of Growing Your Own Vegetables?

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Growing your own vegetables is an easy and economical way to simplify a hectic lifestyle. Many people are creating home gardens to combat a sharp rise in consumption and consumerism. Even if you do not own a large plot of land, most vegetables are adaptable to smaller gardens and even containers. There are many benefits to growing your own vegetables, touted by professional gardeners as well as many in the medical and economic fields.

Save Money

Growing your own vegetables will trim a significant amount of money from your grocery budget. Seeds are inexpensive and can be dried and used year after year. By learning to preserve, can or freeze your yearly harvest, you can enjoy fresh produce all year long without spending a fortune at the grocery store.

Get Healthy

Home-grown vegetables are healthier than those in store bins. They retain more of their vitamin content when eaten straight from the garden. They are also more likely to be free of pesticides or chemicals. It is also easy to get children involved in vegetable gardening, increasing the likelihood they will want to eat what they have grown. Gardening is also a good way to get exercise and fresh air. It's relaxing and a good stress reliever.

Fresh is Best

There is nothing like the taste of vegetables freshly picked from the garden. Vegetables from the grocery store have endured lengthy and stressful shipping conditions, only to arrive at the store and sit for an undetermined period of time. Fresh vegetables are available to eat practically off the vine and are better tasting than their store-bought counterparts.


There are many ways in which food may become contaminated, whether at the farm, the manufacturer or the transportation center. When you grow your own vegetables, you can control the conditions and stop worrying about the safety of your food.

Environmental Impact

By growing your own vegetables, you are also helping to preserve the environment. Organically grown vegetables reduce the amount of chemicals introduced into the Earth by way of pesticides and herbicides. Pollution from fossil fuels will also be reduced by decreasing the amount of fresh, offseason vegetables being shipped all over the world.

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